Venezuala Declares Fridays a Holiday

In a bold move by the Venezuelan government, president and leader Nicolas Maduro has declared that for the next two months, all Fridays will be holidays. The hope is that a four day work week will help to lessen the energy crisis that is currently plaguing the country.

The energy crisis has been brought on by a drought, as well as a poorly maintained energy infrastructure. The country gets more than 60% of its energy from hydroelectric power, and the drought has made this source more scarce.

Critics say that the move is ineffective and will simply reduce the country’s ablity to be productive, which is a serious problem in a nation that is already facing shortages on essential goods and services. Parents and teachers were also concerned about how this would effect schoolchildren.

Our good friend Norka Luque told us the announcement was made on Latino Show Magazine shortly after a weeklong Easter holiday celebration, and it is not clear yet exactly how the new holiday schedule would effect the public and private sector. The details of the plan have yet to be released to the public, says Luque.

There was concern from all areas of the country, as the Easter break shortened working hours for many people and forced some shopping malls to generate their own electricity.


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